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It all starts with sales

We know there’s pressure to get a bid into your customers hands, with our Sales|Design app, providing your customer a bid on the spot! While the report is important, there is more to sales visually presenting your company’s solutions and helping your customers construct their budget, making a statement about your company and how your company is seen. 


Operations makes your company money and saves time

An easy to learn, easy to use application, bridging Project Management with Procurement in a Web-based system that seamlessly integrates Accounting with Project Management, Sales, Design, Procurement, and Scheduling. Hosted on secure servers, is very affordable, time-efficient, and accessible anytime, anywhere. see more Using a single Online Portal, provides real-time collaboration and unprecedented automation.For example, automatically generates a Purchase Order Request once task assignments are created. On those same assignments, automatically generates a Work Order and a posting to the Schedule, and then sends notifications to your team. Helping your Team manage their business through true project collaboration. 


Design in the Field!

Customers need help understanding their choices, our app is client-facing, using icons and lifestyle images. Customers select their options, creating the budget, placing icons, objects, text and SMART shapes onto floorplans, job-site images, or Google Earth in the field.

We take Data seriously!

Here's how we make it happen for you!

Training is key

We know that for any software solution to work, you’ll need good data and we have a team of professionals dedicated to creating the product libraries you need based for the product you sell.

It’s not enough to train you on the software, we know from experience that you’ll need to establish the business processes that coordinate your team,

your trade partners and your customers – and we have the experts to help you

do that.

Affordable for small businesses

We come from a small business background and understand that it has to be affordable for it to be practical solution. The initial one-time cost is $500 with

a monthly of $75 depending on the number of Users and functions you need.

At this price, it’s easy to see the savings in your time and the profit

from increased sales.

Now let's talk about you

Our team is made up of individuals with decades of experience ranging from retail to construction, design to operations, sales to job-costing. Our team will help you develop a plan that’s right for your business that includes your needs, your goals and your budget.